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Konteiner is an artist-run non-profit association for contemporary art founded in December 2011.  They are now pleased to announce the first exhibition organized in Konteiner, entitled A Series of Paradox Episodes, Episode 1: The Local Search.  The space has already been used as a party venue, gathering spot and collective studio.  The artists look to their immediate space adopting this loose history of Konteiner to echo their informal positioning in the art world upon presenting their formal elements.

The individual work of Kyriakos Christodoulou, Christina Papakyriakou and Marina Xenofontos comes together to compose a first episode for the public. Despite each one using their acutely distinct language they still manage to converse with each other’s lingo.  The three artists manifest current trends and themes which are contemporary today, not only in “The Local Search” but also the universal.

For the first time Kyriakos Christodoulou presents a series of installations.  In his work he inverts familiar forms to subtly comment upon hegemonic structures of all kinds, avoiding any familiar methods of artistic didacticism.  The elements of surprise and perhaps satire are achieved by techniques of color blocking and the capricious combination of materials such as fabric, mirror and even rosewater.  Throughout this body of work he absorbs the sensitivity of materials, without denying their symbolism.

Christina Papakyriakou is a classically trained artist in drawing. In the past she has emphasized the importance of material and her craftsmanship.  In this new body of work she moves from the performative element and the drawing medium to a sculptural experimentation. She has intuitively been drawn to construction material, exploring the way she can channel her craft skills through them.  The only piece reminiscent of her previous work is a pencil drawing conveying the exhibition space itself, a decision that instigates ideas of demystification around the art process.

Marina Xenofontos presents a series of works ranging from drawing, sound and photographic installations.  The artist methodically uses pastel color palettes whilst she paradoxically approaches canons of national struggle and religious spatial elements.  Her body of work is rich in variations of mediums but in spirit it resembles a not-so-old photograph being viewed over a color filtered slide projector.  Xenofontos appropriates styles associated with childhood naivety in opposition to her context of historical narratives.

The three artists explore themes of construction methods and materials in relation to the art-making process.   This exhibition successfully sums up current trends and discourses being made in gallery spaces today.  Kyriakos Christodoulou, Christina Papakyriakou and Marina Xenofontos are part of an emerging generation of integral contemporary artist.  They not only share common stylistic and thematic work but most notably they command a new tendency of independently organized artists.

See you all there, tonight! 🙂


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